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Alex Gladiators.jpg
Gladiators Ready.....!!

After being tested and tried against 10,000! other applicants in fitness tests, Alex made it through and appeared as a contestant on the brand new series of Gladiators.   

An incredible achievement and we were all cheering her on as she faced and battled some incredible challenges.

New Milestone

We have now reached an incredible milestone of performing at over 800 weddings and parties.  Playing at some incredible venues but in the UK and abroad, meeting some incredible people along the way and being a part of some many peoples special and important celebrations, our experience enables us to keep entertaining and provide an important service. 

Returning to France

We've been incredibly fortunate to have been involved in some extra special weddings abroad and this summers see's us returning to play our 12th wedding in France.

We have experience in playing weddings and events in France, Italy, Croatia, Ireland & Dubai to name (drop) a few! If you are looking at taking that extra leap abroad then get in touch and we can help you with our experience 

First Dance

The last formality of the evening before you can let your hair down and relax.  It's also the opening now and means we can get the party started.  We would love to hear what your first dance will be a part of your special day

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